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How To Tape A Room Like A Pro Before Painting

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Dealing With The Most Difficult Paint Jobs With Ingenious Painting Tapes

Today we’re going to share with you some tips we got from some pro painters over at They’re some of the best painters in the Pittsburgh area and we highly recommend you check them out for all your painting needs. Now let’s look at how the pros tape a room before painting.

Accomplishing paint perfection is easy for also the shakiest hand when the project includes a level piece of drywall that can be trimmed and taped. Curved entrances, pins, elaborate home windows, or walls call for more than the conventional straight-edged masking tapes. While taping off wall surfaces and trim makes any work simpler, concealing these areas can be one of the toughest parts of the task. Special paint tapes that will certainly curb your anxiety and alleviate your anxiety are available to mask every difficult as well as hard-to-reach surface area. These tools simplify the prepping and painting process and also garner the results of a specialist painter.

Paint Circles Around Problems

Painting tasks entailing bowed style and rounded edges are complex when using traditional, inflexible painting tapes planned just for straight lines. Shielding these areas has now ended up being easier with the exceptional adaptability of Curved Masking Tape. Maneuverable around any spherical layout, including arched doorways, half-moon windows, and even doorknobs, this one-of-a-kind painting tape alleviates painting preparation and improves results. Curved Masking Tape can also contribute to an artist’s imagination; you can conveniently place it to develop spherical layouts, like circles and clouds, on otherwise plain, nontextured walls.

Back Bothers Into A Corner

Covering up off home window edges is just one of the most tiresome parts of any painting task. From French doors to glass cupboards, repainting around windows is an unfavorable task. You are using concealing tape on corners aids to simplify this process by boosting accuracy. Properly called Quick Corners, each pre-shaped corner creates a 90-degree angle that suits every home window edge and masks of the perfect form. By linking the hubs with strips of window-safe painter’s tape, you secure the glass by subjecting just the trim sill in need of painting. When the task is complete, get rid of the tape and also edges by drawing and lifting the nonstick tab.


Get The Baseboards

They are using a ground cloth to secure the floor when paint baseboards is a no-brainer. However, old sheets or tarps are troublesome as well as frequently shift throughout use. Pretaped Decline Cloths feature a pretaped side that aids the cloth stay in place while completely subjecting the baseboard for paint. Statically dealt with to cling to the carpeting or wood surfaces, the ground cloth is excellent for catching splashing paint and also consisting of dust when sanding. Drop cloths with professional-grade masking tape make painting and shielding chair rails and various other attractive aspects much more easily accessible throughout usage and clean-up, as they remove cleanly from drywall timber and glass.

By using items created to simplify the prep work process, homeowners can take on the most challenging painting tasks and complete with specialist outcomes they can happily claim they did themselves.

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