Fishing & Boat Badge Info

Fishing & Boat Badge Info 2018-05-09T21:11:20-07:00

Fishing the two lakes at St. Mary’s – Silver Lake and Lake Quivira, requires a badge, as these lakes are not public, but are for the exclusive use of St. Mary’s property owners, who have elected to join the Property Owners’ Association and purchase badges.

Badges are available for purchase via one of the following means:

  • At Clear Creek Outdoors on Miner Street in Idaho Springs
  • By contacting Alicia Walsh for pickup in the subdivision
  • By attending a meeting of the Board of Directors

For all of these options, please fill out and bring with you, the Fishing and Boat Badge Order Form

Belly boats and canoes are allowed on the lake and require purchase of a Boat Badge.

Please see the Fishing Rules, given on the Order Form

Alicia Walsh